Barry Manilow - The Two Of Us (1974) (rss)

Barry Manilow - The Two Of Us (1974)

Notapor Roy58 » Mar 24 May, 2016 12:35 am



Now, we're happy to sit, day after day
The two of us
Wasting away, making believe
There's a reason to stay together

Now, we're happy to sit, night after night
The two of us
Conviced that it's right, hiding the yawns
Somehow getting along together

Afraid we'd always be alone
We made a home that we could always share
Just to know that someone would be there
Even if we never learned to care

And now, it's almost enough, year after year
The two of us
Nothing to fear, nothing at all
But the rest of our lives together

"¡El hombre se hace viejo muy rápido pero se hace sabio demasiado tarde!"
Protesto, luego existo (sin familiaridad con Descartes)
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