April Stevens - I Get Ideas 1959 (rss)

April Stevens - I Get Ideas 1959

Notapor music70 » Sab 03 Nov, 2012 6:12 pm

April Stevens - I Get Ideas 1959
(Cover: Adios Muchachos Tango)

When we are dancing
And you're
Dangerously near me
I get ideas
I get ideas
I want to hold you
So much closer
Than I dare do
I want to scold you
'Cause I care more
Than I care to
And when you touch me
And there's fire
In every finger
I get ideas
I get ideas
And after
We have
Kissed goodnight
And still you linger
I kinda think
You get ideas too

Your eyes
Are always saying
The things
You're never saying
I only hope
They're saying
That you
Could love me too
For that's
The whole idea
It's true
The lovely idea
That I'm falling
In love with you
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