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Notapor rockerodepalma » Mar 26 Oct, 2010 1:10 pm

Isaac Hayes - A few more kisses to go

Tonight's the night
The time is right for the thing I waited for so long
I finally got you where I want you girl
The fire of my desire is burning strong
I feel your heart beating like a drum
As we lie on the floor
But before that precious moment comes
We got one more
No two more
We got a few more kisses to go

Hold me tonight please don't fight
I believe you want me as I want you
Girl is gonna be a full grown woman before this night is through
So close your eyes and open up your heart
The world is locked outside the door
But before the loving starts
We got one more
No two more
We got a few more kisses to go

I got to take my time and control my mind
Even though it's hard to do
The longer we wait the better it's gonna be when I make love to you
We're about to feel our fantasies
And let our passion flow
But before we get into our bed
We got one more
No two more
We got a few more kisses to go
Las buenas fuentes se conocen en las grandes sequías; los buenos amigos, en las épocas desgraciadas.
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Notapor meminpinguin » Vie 28 Jun, 2013 4:39 pm

"Disco Connection" Issac Hayes.

Dr. Jose Manuel Mireles, estamos contigo.
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