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Notapor meminpinguin » Mié 10 Abr, 2013 3:34 am


Nativa de Miami Florida.

"They are playing our song" Trinere.

They're playing our song
Don't you hear the music

From the moment you entered
My eyes have been on you
You're making me weak
Simply by the way you move
I want to be with you
Out here on the floor
Sure seems to me like we danced somewhere before

Is this a simple case of dejavu
Am I mistaken or have I danced with you
Won't you correct me if you know I'm wrong
But if you think I'm right then let's dance to our song

They're playing our song
How could it be wrong
For you to dance with me

They're playing our song
Don't you hear the music

They're playing it, the music

So far you've danced with every girl but me
The way you move makes my heart just skip a beat
Why don't you hold me and turn me around
Lift me up in your arms boy
And never let me down

They're playing our song
Don't you hear the music

I've got to have you just for one more dance
This is the night I feel I have to take a chance
I've got to make a move before the music ends
I'd hate to believe that you'd never come again
Dr. Jose Manuel Mireles, estamos contigo.
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